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Ton van de Greep
The work of Antonio is speaking, prophetic and enlightening.
In these times of individualism where the massive search for truth is led by the monotone advice of countless influences, Antonio’s work is straight forward, a map leading to more.
His paintings are enlightening, and inspired not through an avalanche of dogmatic words, but through the arousal of inquisition.
Substance and materials is not always a constant factor in his work, although it’s used regularly.
This is because Antonio is not merely an artist using matter to create his painting. Examining his work further you will find that matter is used only to achieve the final result. 
These paintings can be truly appreciated after having studied them for a longer period of time, allowing you eyes to fully absorb and capture the colors and shapes.
Allowing yourself to be inspired by the painting, just as the artist was inspired while giving form to the painting.
A painting created with true inspiration can have therapeutic effect on its surroundings.
Endowing rest and enlightenment. This is because through the eyes of the artist, a work of art is merely a way to communicate.
Paintings may arouse questions, provide conformation or inspiration for the future.
Sometimes paintings are abstract in design, filled with passion while other paintings lean towards abstract realism. Both forms radiate a loving passion for its surroundings.
Antonio’s work has its one recognizable signature found in the use of different structures and materials which have been worked into his paintings.
The use of  pure pigments en photographic elements allows that his expressive art comes to life.
Antonio’s paintings can be found in many places throughout the Netherlands as well as around the world.
Each work of art is unique, holding its own message of inspiration for its spectators.
Antonio’s work can be found on display in numerous galleries across The Netherlands.
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