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Rebecca van Wierst (1962, Amsterdam)
Rebecca has been working as an artist for more than 20 years.
In her work she covers multiple subjects, however - females and their interactions remain a recurring theme in her paintings.
Each of Rebecca’s paintings unveils a unique signification.
Traveling a lot, she creates notes and sketches, which serve as source of inspiration for painting atmospheric landscapes.
The viewer is drawn into Rebecca’s world of mysticism, inviting us to take a view at an in-between state of reality and fantasy.

Rebecca’s work is layered both in the application of the glazing technique, and in the multi-dimensional rooms of interpretation.
She mixes granular pigment with water and paint medium, which results in rough and weathered surfaces. Vibrant color radiates from the canvas.

Rebecca exhibits at home and abroad, and is a regular guest at the Spui Amsterdam Art Market.  


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