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The ArtAmsterdam-Spui market takes place every Sunday between March and the last Sunday before Christmas.
The market is open for the public from 11 am to 6:30 pm, and 11 am to 6 pm during wintertime.

Rules for signing up new participants for the ArtAmsterdam-Spui market
In order to be accepted into the market, one has to go through an evaluation process.
The process consists of the following steps:

  • First evaluation
The first evaluation will be held by the board members of the foundation and is by appointment only.
This appointment is always on a Sunday and will take place on the Spui in Amsterdam.
The aspiring participant will bring at least 5 recent pieces of his or her work to the Spui for evaluation.
The board will judge the work carefully and professionally. This first evaluation will last for about one hour.
The aspiring participant will not be present during this evaluation. He/she will leave the work and come back after an hour.
The outcome of this first evaluation may result in a rejection or in an invitation to take part in one trial market.
To make an appointment for the first evaluation you can email Rebecca van Wierst at
  • Trial market
Once the first evaluation has taken place and the result is positive, the aspiring participant will be invited to sign up for one trial market.
During the trial market, all the member artists present on the day, will evaluate the work according to several criteria such as: quality, artistic level, originality and presentation.
Each member will introduce themselves to the aspiring participant.
During the trial market, all present artists will share their evaluation with the board members, and will fill in an evaluation form based on above-mentioned criteria.
As a result of all evaluations there will be a final decision by the board members as to whether the aspiring artist should be accepted or not.

Depending on the outcome, the aspiring participant:
  • Will be rejected
  • Will be allowed into the market
  • In case of rejection, the aspiring participant can be re- evaluated after two years. He / she can make an appointment for a “first evaluation”. The board will decide whether there has been enough improvement in the artist’s work in order to allow him/her to partake in the trial market again.
The aspiring participant will be informed about the outcome by email.

• Presentation
  • If you plan to present clearly different work (in discipline or technique) from that to which you are evaluated, we advice you to talk with the board members first.
  • Only limited amount of commercial work, not more than 20%, sold for a small price (starting at € 12,50) is allowed on the table. In cases of doubt, the board has the final word.
  • Card display racks are not allowed on the table.
  • No jewelry may be offered as a byproduct.
  • In case of weather alert code yellow, please follow the ’members only’ section on the ArtAmsterdam-Spui website regarding a possible cancellation of the market. We hereby follow the advice of the KNMI weather service.
For questions regarding the first evaluation of your work please contact Rebecca van Wierst at

For all other questions concerning ArtAmsterdam-Spui send an email to:

phone: +31 6 24 99 24 03

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