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Elmer Kouwenberg

Welcome to my art work. My style is not easy to describe. It's cartoonish, has Pop Art and graphical art futures, some people call it Outsider Art; I am fine with it all. An outsider I am, that is for sure. About 20 years ago I was part of a violent car accident in Los Angeles which changed my live dramatically. A high spinal cord Injury made me completely wheelchair depended. With only a working left-biceps and some movement in my shoulder I had to invent myself again as an artist. Cynically enough it gave a totally new dimension on the making of my art in a very positive way. To create an art piece I have to put my left fist (I was right handed before the accident) on a roller ball mouse and draw by moving my whole arm. I draw much more freely and intuitively now then I did before the accident. This with a lot of fantasy, a preference for bright colors and an educated history of making art, results in the work as it is today. Because I use bright colors I very often leave large parts of the background 'blank canvas' to balance out a painting well and make sure it is not too busy to hang on the wall in an interior.  I hope to see you soon on the art market.

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